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About Us

GOMAG, which started its activities in the mechanical and industrial field in 2008 and was founded by Ali GÜRGÖZ in 2018 with the slogan "We Have to Be Reliable"; It has gained a rightful place in the sector by blending its international experience in petrochemical facilities, industrial facilities and power plant projects with service quality and honesty.

Main fields of activity; Construction, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of industrial facilities such as Iron and Steel Facilities, Power Plants, Cement Factories, Oil Refineries.

Ali GURGOZ; In 1988, it has proven its competence by being in the management levels of domestic and international Industrial Plant mechanical assembly projects in the sector it started, by providing products and services in accordance with national and international standards, without compromising quality, occupational health and safety, on time.

Our aim is to provide high quality service to our customers in more economical conditions and to be among the priority organizations of the sector.

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