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Our quality policy

  • All our activities in the fields of oil, gas, energy, assembly related to the sector; To perform in a quality, timely and environmentally friendly manner, without compromising occupational health and safety, in accordance with customer criteria, national and international standards, applicable legislation and conditions, by considering internal and external issues,

  • To increase the performance of the quality, occupational health and safety, environmental management system with continuous improvement activities,

  • To organize training activities in order to raise awareness about Quality, OHS and Environmental Management,

  • To implement the requirements of the standard with the participation and consultation of all our employees/employee representatives, thereby eliminating hazards and reducing OHS risks,

  • To ensure the up-to-dateness, functionality and accessibility of the activities carried out by recording them,

  • Adopting the zero work accident target, increasing our productivity by creating safe and healthy workplaces against injuries and health deterioration,

  • To protect and use natural resources in the most efficient way, to prevent environmental pollution, to control and reduce possible environmental effects from the design stage to the end of the life cycle, to reduce or recover wastes at the source as much as possible,

  • To ensure that our solution partners fulfill the requirements as sensitively as we are,

  • Reporting and recording all activities,

As the general manager of the company, I undertake to fulfill the requirements of the quality management system completely, to improve it continuously, to meet all applicable conditions together with the declared conditions of the related parties, the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, the offered products and services.



General manager


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